Why I Love Early Morning Yoga

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of early morning classes. There are so many great reasons to practice asana, pranayama and meditation before diving into the rest of your day.

When I first started practicing in the mornings, it was because that was the only time I could make it to the studio – between work and other activities I was just too tired to head back out after I got home, and there was nothing really close to my place.

I started to notice that my drive to work didn’t seem as long when I had gone to class beforehand, and I also didn’t take it personally when someone would cut me off or drive in some other inappropriate way. At first I thought that maybe it just had to do with being on the road at a different time than usual, but even after I took my practice to my own house, I still feel this same sense of peace while driving.

I also began to notice that I had more energy during the day. Trust me, it didn’t happen right away, but gradually I became more excited to get up in the mornings, and I wasn’t hitting that afternoon slump I’d always had.

I found that my eating habits improved… a big part of my asana practice is about nourishing my body and giving it what it needs, and this started to trickle through to the rest of my life. I ate better foods, went to bed early when I needed to, and tried to schedule less activity in my life.

I continue to practice in the mornings, and I just love the sense of aliveness I get from being up early and doing something before the sun comes up. I wake up in the dark and emerge from my practice into a new day. As I get older, I find more and more often I am a bit stiff when I wake up in the mornings. If I get moving right out of bed, I spend the day feeling more mobile and energized.

If you’re intrigued about trying an early morning class, please check out the in-studio and online classes I am offering on my Rise and Shine page.

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