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I truly believe that the practice of yoga can make the world a better place. Yoga encourages an increased awareness of self, and of connectedness with the world. The classes I teach are strongly focused on synchronizing the breath with movement to create a focus on the present moment and self-awareness. Wishing you radiant wellness, mind, body and spirit.

About Nicole Allison:

I found yoga at a time when I was feeling lost and confused about my life and my future. I was faced with some very difficult decisions about relationships and my career path after becoming disillusioned with people and plans that I thought defined who I was. After several months of consistent practice, I felt so much more empowered to choose what was right for me.

I later went on to complete a number of different teacher training programs, and with each training, each book I read, each person I talked to about the positive impact of yoga in their lives I became more determined to share this complicated, beautiful practice with those around me. For a long time, I didn’t fully realize the link between yoga and my improved sense of self worth, and it is only now, looking back over 10 years later that I have some perspective on how yoga changed my life and continues to change it for the better. I want to share this incredible practice in a way that allows others to feel empowered and more at peace.

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