Savasana in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, laying or sleeping on your back is not recommended, because it can negatively impact the blood flow to the baby in utero. If you are a regular practitioner of yoga, you will know that your practice usually begins or ends with savasana, a pose that involves laying flat on your back for an extended period of time. If you wish to continue attending these classes and enjoying savasana in pregnancy, here is another option.

What to do Instead

To find a comfortable side-laying savasana in pregnancy, you will need pillows, bolsters, and/or blocks. It is important to lay on the left side of the body, since laying on the right would compress the same vein that is compressed by laying on your back.

Use a pillow or block to support your head so that your neck is comfortably aligned with the rest of your spine.  Extend your left leg straight out on the mat and bend your right knee over a bolster, stacked blocks or stacked pillows. This support is also used to align the spine and pelvis, so try to have your right knee level with your right hip. Finally, place your right arm somewhere that allows it to feel supported. You may wish to rest your hand on your hip, on your props or on your belly.

Enjoy your relaxation time!

For more information about yoga in pregnancy, or to book a class in Bradford, Ontario, check out these links:

Prenatal Yoga Webpage


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