Have you been wondering if now is the right time to begin prenatal yoga?


I would like to start this post by saying that I am so honoured to have been a part of so many women’s lives during this important time, and to have the opportunity to continue teaching prenatal yoga. This period of time is so transitional, with the body being constantly changing, so much planning to be done, and the mind almost always on the future.

One of the reasons I love offering prenatal yoga, is that the classes allow an opportunity to slow down, tune into the current state of the body, and focus solely on the present. These classes tend to be more slow-moving than a typical yoga class (unless you usually attend yin or restorative classes), which gives more time for self-exploration.

If you are thinking you may be interested in prenatal classes, but you have never taken yoga before, please rest assured that the classes I lead are 100% appropriate for the beginner and experienced practitioner alike. I am happy to explain in depth any movements, breath work or postures that are unfamiliar. If you are brand new to yoga, it is a good idea to begin classes earlier in pregnancy, rather than later. Because movement in general tends to become a bit more difficult as pregnancy progresses, it is nice to learn the movements earlier. Also, if you learn movements that help strengthen and stretch the areas that are troubling you early on, your pregnancy can be a lot more comfortable.

If you are considering trying prenatal yoga, but you aren’t sure if it’s time to give up your regular practice, I would offer this advice: even if you love your regular yoga practice, and you are able to modify all of the poses that need to be modified, there is no rule that states you cannot continue your regular practice AND take prenatal yoga classes. These classes are not only a wonderful change of pace for most people, they are a great place to meet other expectant moms! I have seen a number of friendships form over the years in the time spent chatting before and after class. Once you get into your second and third trimester it typically becomes much more difficult to modify in a regular vinyasa class, so many women join prenatal yoga at that stage.

I have had expectant moms sign up for classes almost as soon as they found out they were expecting, and continue all the way through pregnancy, and I have also had those who have joined just a month or two before their due dates. You are welcome at any stage of the game, and I would love to be able to help you find a bit more comfort throughout your pregnancy ❤

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