Meal Planning Worksheet

Use the template to set up your meal plan for the week. First, sit down to review what your plans are, and how they might impact your available time. Based on the time you will have at home, plan your meals for the week. For example, if you know you will be at a yoga class on Wednesday night, and won’t have time to prepare something, plan for a larger meal on Tuesday so that you have leftovers! Once you have laid out all of the different meals, write a list of everything you will need for the week to make each day’s food. Usually we purchase all of the food we will need for the first few days and then re-evaluate mid-week before purchasing the rest to save money and waste. Sometimes unexpected plans come up, and this allows us to adjust our meal plan to fit with our lives instead of throwing away food at the end of the week. Click on the image to download a PDF version.

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