Digital Doula Services

Imagine having someone with years of experience in making pregnancy more comfortable available to support you through your childbirth experience. Someone with a soothing voice and a compassionate understanding. Someone who can guide you through breathing, birthing positions, and guided meditation. That person is me! I have been practicing these techniques as a prenatal yoga teacher for years, and have completed birth doula training through DONA International, one of the oldest and largest doula training organizations.

Here’s what to expect:

Prenatal Appointment

  • We will explore the different options that may be available during your birthing experience, and set up a list of your preferences
  • I will answer questions and provide you with resources if you have questions about what to expect
  • We will explore the different stages of labour and discuss when and how I can be of service during the different stages
  • We will go over various techniques that may be used during your birth to help manage discomfort during labour
  • You will finish feeling prepared for your birth
  • This is available via video chat on Zoom, which is a free app!


  • I will be available via text, phone and video chat throughout your labour
  • You will feel supported throughout your labour and delivery
  • you will be able to use the comfort measures we talked about during our prenatal appointments to make your labour as comfortable as possible
  • I will offer guidance and reassurance throughout the process, helping to ensure that you are well informed as labour progresses


  • We will follow up with an appointment via Zoom within approximately 2 weeks of the birth
  • We will discuss the birth experience and go over any questions you may have
  • I will be available to answer any questions you may have about postpartum life, and can offer resources and referrals as needed


The total cost for all of these services is $400. A deposit is required to reserve your date, and the balance is to be paid in full prior to your prenatal appointment.


I am currently accepting new clients. Please contact me for availability, as it is continually changing.

Please click here to view the terms and conditions for birth doula services, including payment, cancellation, scope of practice etc.

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