2019 Intention Setting

Did you start the new year off with some big resolutions? Or perhaps some overall intentions for the year? Now that we’re halfway into January, how is that going? I like to break my “resolutions” up into intentions, big goals and small goals, all of which I review seasonally. 

My overall intention for 2019 is to spend more time relaxing, and doing things that light me up. I also have some big goals (which I’ll be sure to share as they come to fruition). 2017 and 2018 were years of study and great learning, and this year I hope to put a lot of what I’ve learned into practice with more great offerings for you. I have some smaller habits I would like to continue to work on, including continuing to practice movement and meditation each morning before continuing on with my day.

If you haven’t taken the time yet to set any intentions or goals, or maybe you’re already rethinking the ones that you have set, click the imagebelow to sign up for my email list and receive a free full-sized goal setting work sheet. 

If any of your resolutions/goals/intentions for 2019 include becoming more active or more mindful, I would love to know what I can do to help you make it happen. I love hearing from you, and hope to receive an email from you or see you in the studio this month!

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